The Isle of Anhak

Occasionally called Twergheim by scholars and poets, the Isle of Anhak is a relatively large island in the Sea of Sorrows, located west of the Sorrowfell Plains and east of demon-haunted Sajavedra and exotic Pūrabī.

It is an untamed land, a rocky backwater of warlords and wilds. Historically, many claim it is the homeland of the dwarves, or the site of the lost kingdom of Duvan’Ku. Its separation from the lands of the Nerathi empire and its relatively gold-poor economy mean that it is familiar, but a touch exotic to travelers. Transactions are performed in silver pieces, and gold is particularly prized; some merchants apparently speculate on this exchange rate, growing rich by reinvesting Anhak silver into Sorrowfell gold. The economy of Anhak is too poor to support magic items as an industry, so there are fewer in circulation. (Although the ancient wizards of the region and their strange sorceries usually produced dangerous items that would be unfit for general circulation anyway.)

On the other hand, some weaponsmiths and alchemists on the island know the secret of black powder, and sell black powder weapons. Although they take a long time to reload, black powder weapons punch right through armor, making them an ideal choice for fighting slow-moving, heavily-armored foes.

Notable Places on the Isle of Anhak


Vor Taluum


The Isle of Anhak

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