Ezaya Dinclastir


Ezaya Dinclastir is an old woman who lives near the treeline of Mt. Deathfrost. She is the only one from Trastow old enough to remember the old death-cult that lurked on the mountain, and the terrible things they did. She has taken it upon herself to record the names of the dead on that mountain, and give them grave markers. She knows she cannot complete her task, but she has to try.

She also warns others of climbing the mountain, for it is cursed.

Also, credit where credit is due. Cropping by me. Image source:

Lawrence, Jennifer. “Ethyl Dunworth” (2013, May 31). deviantART. Retrieved March 2, 2016, from http://juandfr.deviantart.com/art/Ethyl-Dunworth-375129364

Ezaya Dinclastir

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