The Church of Pelor-Paladine

The most widespread faith on the Isle, the Church of Pelor-Paladine (or Pelor-Who-Is-Paladine) is a syncretic faith built upon the native worship of Pelor and the imported worship of Paladine.

Roughly a millennium ago, the traveler L’Indasha Hawke arrived in Anhak. Claiming to be a traveler from beyond the stars themselves, she said she was from a distant world of Krynn and brought good news of the Good deity Paladine. Calling herself “the First Daughter of Paladine,” she claimed to be an evangelist on behalf of “King Dario, the First Son of Paladine,” whomever that might be. She also claimed that the native Pelor was an avatar of Paladine, leading to the syncretic Pelor-Who-Is-Paladine epithet.

Despite the fact that the rough and rural people of Anhak are wary of outsiders and loath to change, Hawke apparently convinced many to flock to her banner, winning converts through charisma and no small amount of attrition.

Hawke and her followers settled in the hills beyond the Azagirn, on the site of the modern city of Indarra. After her death, her followers codified her teachings and formed the Church of Pelor-Who-Is-Paladine. The church hierarchy was codified into the modern Aitona/Amona, Aita/Ama, Neba/Arreba ranks still used today.

Although many still worship the native deities, the past millennium has seen worship of Pelor-Paladine spread across the continent. (Some aspects of the church have penetrated popular thought; veneration of St. McIver, for example, is widespread, even among nonbelievers.) The Church of Pelor-Paladine is certainly the most organized of all faiths in the region, and the only one to really have a widespread hierarchy.

The Church of Pelor-Paladine

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