Osvanpyw de Rais


An assassin ambushed the group on its way back from Trastow, triggering a rock slide that killed several of the hirelings and most of the horses. Tuggs managed to avoid it, but when he attempted to ambush the assassin, he was wounded and captured.

Tuggs managed to escape after learning the assassin was hired by merchant families in Vor Taluum as repayment for what the group did in the Bloodworth Estate; whether the other merchant families are aware of what transpired in that house is currently unclear.

The group managed to ambush the assassin, but as Tuggs murdered him in the process, they were unable to learn any more information.

Contacts in Vor Taluum told Hilda Giblets that this assassin is Osvanpyw de Rais, a former slave from the distant city of Scandshar in the Sorrowfell Plains. According to the tales, he became adept at stealth as his former masters have a penchant for hunting their slaves. After securing his freedom, he became an assassin. He’s renowned for only making one attempt on his subjects, and typically making it look like an accident or natural disaster.

As such, the merchants in Vor Taluum probably assume he succeeded, but simply has not yet returned.

Also, credit where credit is due. Image source:

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Osvanpyw de Rais

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