Four Thieves

Gaenbert, Helmund, Aenbehrt, and Jaenbald


Gaenbert, Helmund, Aenbehrt, and Jaenbald aided Aerik Sellsword, Burdwulf the Greatly Challenged, Hilda Giblets, Jarq’wei Loindeen, Tuggin’ “Tuggs” Nemo, and Utne Jarlson in the Bloodworth Estate job.

After fencing the goods and taking their share, they left, presumably to pursue their own activities.

Also, credit where credit is due. Image source:

Steev. “Playtesters” (2013, November 4). Anthony Pryor. Retrieved March 19, 2015, from

Astute observers will note that the original illustration comes from FATAL. I’m sure the above citation will work for our purposes, though.

Four Thieves

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