Chronicles of Khaldun: Isle of Anhak

Session 2

Death Love Doom

Earthday, Wealsun 21, 552 CY

Upon their return to the surface, the group meets with Professor Jorgensen to find that he is accompanied by a tiefling in black armor. In addition to the ornate sword at his side, the tiefling wears a peacock feather in his lapel. This tiefling has a couple of thugs with him, and Professor Jorgensen looks rather uncomfortable in his presence.

The tiefling introduces himself as Mithras Vicelord, and he explains that he is prepared to make the group a counter-offer to Jorgensen’s dungeon-delving gambit. He explains that a book, The Emerald Tome of the Devourer, lies somewhere on the Isle of Anhak. He requests that the group, being natives of Anhak, go to retrieve it. He is prepared to offer 20,000 gold pieces for its return — 1,000,000 silver pieces in the native currency of Anhak, and enough for the finders to be wealthy men.

He says the deal will be brokered with Rickas Gellantara, one of Vicelord’s clerk contacts in the Vor Taluum Chamber of Commerce.

Passage is booked, and the assembled party is en route to Vor Taluum and the Isle of Anhak.

When they arrive on Moonday, Reaping 3, the group hears tale of an abandoned mansion. Aerik Sellsword, Burdwulf the Greatly Challenged, and Hilda Giblets decide to investigate.

They find a group of four thieves — Gaenbert, Helmund, Aenbehrt, and Jaenbald — assembled to do the deed. Three others also arrive showing an interest — Jarq’wei Loindeen the elf, Tuggin’ “Tuggs” Nemo the halfling, and Utne Jarlson the cleric.

The gang apparently plans to hit the mansion around midnight. A half hour’s walk outside the city — in secluded, rural environs — the Bloodworth Estate is owned by the wealthy Erasmus Foxlowe. The lanterns have been dark for a few days, and all indications suggest that the Foxlowes are out of time, their fortunes unguarded.

The group agrees to the plan. Ten equal shares.

At midnight, they make their way to the Bloodworth Estate. Surveying the site, they decide to sneak in through the cesspit. After finding the hedges and fenceline too difficult to traverse, “Tuggs” Nemo cuts some of the hedges to form an impromptu ladder. The assembled thieves enter the grounds of the Bloodworth Estate.

“Tuggs” Nemo scouts ahead and finds that the house indeed looks abandoned. There is also a lake and boathouse before the inner fence leading to the manor house proper. He returns to report and the group decides to investigate the lake. Tuggs, having noted a boat in the middle of the lake that appears to contain something, informs the others. They come to the boathouse, and finding one rowboat, ask the two of the thieves to row out to the center of the lake and retrieve any valuables. They row out to the boat and row back to the boathouse much faster — somewhat frightened, they indicate they found a young woman, partially melted and covered in tar or some other manner of black goo. She was nude, and so there was nothing to loot.

Despite the odd corpse, the group decides to press onward. Entering through the back — the back door is unlocked — the group bypasses the ground floor and takes the stairs to the first floor. Quickly, they start ransacking rooms. They find the master bedroom and start stuffing all the valuables they can find into sacks. Two muskets and some shot are found and divided amongst the group, as are the contents of a strongbox under the bed. Utne takes an idol of St. McIver found on the mantleplace.

The next room is sparsely furnished, likely a guest room. It contains nothing terribly valuable, other than maybe one of the paintings on the walls, which likewise goes into the sack. Several members of the group go to investigate the ladies’ dressing room, stuffing jewelry into Hilda Giblets’ sacks (while Jarq’wei Loindeen actually goes to the trouble of gathering the dresses as they appear to be worth something).

Meanwhile, “Tuggs” Nemo has wandered off to investigate the last room on the floor. It appears to be a boy’s room, but what dominates his vision is the mutilated boy in the corner. The boy appears dead. His arms and legs have been removed and transfixed. His stomach has been cut open and his entrails have been scattered on the floor. His tongue, genitals, and part of his intestines have been placed in a circle evidently created with the boy’s own feces. The circle has three curious marks on one edge, moving tangental to the circle; it looks very deliberately placed.

“Tuggs” captures the attention of the others.

After some discussion, the group decides that the cleric and the elf — both being magically-inclined — should investigate. Jarq’wei Loindeen and Utne Jarlson enter the room and the others close the door behind them. They begin poking around the room. Utne picks up the boy’s tongue and places it in his mouth. When he does this, Jarq’wei notices that the boy’s genitals, still in the circle, begin moving, inching their way toward the cleric. He shouts and alarm, and Utne — upon seeing the blasphemous thing — impales it with his spade in hand.

After this display, the group reconvenes and “Tuggs” considers getting a jar from the kitchen to gather a sample of whatever moving body parts could be found. He dashes downstairs, first entering an office — he marks the safe as valuable so that they’ll know to hit it later — and then entering the dining room.

Blood and offal litter this room, presumably from the shattered human wreckage hanging from the ceiling. A young girl has had her ribcage opened and her limbs twisted outward to form a chandelier. Lit candles are set upon her, burning her flesh. Her entrails dangle just above the dining room table. She begins screaming for his aid, and “Tuggs” again goes to get the others.

Explaining what he found, the group leaves their valuables at the top of the stair and goes downstairs to investigate. They lower the poor girl to the table and ask what happened; she explained that her father gave a necklace to her mother, but monsters came from the necklace. The big monster told its two attendants to get the lovers, which jumped on her father and one of the maids. An argument started, and in the chaos, the big monster attacked grandmother, and then grandmother came for the girl, and now she is here.

The group quickly discusses what to do, and decides to cover the girl with a sheet and kill her so as to end her misery.

The group then returns to the office. Hilda Giblets cracks the safe, and the group starts stuffing the coin and jewelry into sacks. Utne takes Foxlowe’s ledgers, as well. Having heard about a weird necklace, they check any necklaces that fit the description. They find nothing out of the ordinary.

Content with their loot, and not wanting to run into any more weird things, the group starts dragging their ill-gotten gains out to the front of the house as quickly as possible, breaking oil lamps as they go. As they escape the house and the grounds, they set the house ablaze, hoping to destroy whatever evil lurks in the house.



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